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Mental health apps you can trust

There are loads of mental health apps out there. But how do you know which ones are safe, helpful or the right choice for you? Well, we’ve teamed up with ORCHA, the app experts, to check which apps are up to our high standards. And these are the apps we recommend.

All Mind approved apps

So many apps, but which ones are good? These are only the best. They're safe, effective, and meet our high standards. Explore our recommended apps to find one that's right for you

Explore all Mind approved apps
Stress, worry, and low mood

Sadness, anxiety, frustration – these are very normal emotions. But you don’t have to just put up with feeling blue. These apps can help you manage difficult feelings day to day, and get you practising techniques like relaxation, meditation and positive thinking.

Explore apps for stress, worry, and low mood

Once you start depending on self-harm as a way to manage painful feelings it can be difficult to stop. These apps can help you find safe ways to cope with negative emotions and information on where to go in a crisis. And help you get a better understanding of the urge to harm yourself.

Explore self-harm reduction apps

Sleep problems can have a negative impact on our mental health. And if you’re living with a mental health problem, sleep can be really challenging. Apps are a great way to try things like relaxation and meditation, which promote a better night’s rest.

Explore apps to help you sleep

From reducing stress to doing a creative pastime, there are lots of things that can help improve our general wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for mindful meditation, general health advice or breathing exercises, these apps are here to help you take care of yourself.

Explore wellbeing apps

Find other mental health apps

Only the very best apps get approved by Mind. But plenty more apps have passed a standard quality check by ORCHA, the app experts. So if you want a wider choice of safe apps to try - you can search the full ORCHA app library here:

Some apps can help you manage suicidal feelings. But if you can’t stay safe – please seek urgent help:

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